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The professional membership
organisation for Clinical Nurse Specialists and Therapists

The United Kingdom Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Association (UKMSSNA) provides support, information and education to MS Specialists throughout the United Kingdom, to enable them to provide appropriate healthcare services to people affected by multiple sclerosis.

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Welcome to the UKMSSNA – the Home for MS Nurse Specialists

Set up in 2001, the UKMSSNA is the professional membership organisation for Clinical Nurse Specialists and Therapists in multiple sclerosis and for other health and social care professionals with an interest in the care of people with MS in the United Kingdom.


  • campaigns for the sustainability of a specialised branch of nursing in multiple sclerosis
  • establishes and maintains standards of nursing care in multiple sclerosis
  • supports nurses and other healthcare professionals who care for people with MS
  • supports multiple sclerosis nursing research, general research and clinical trials
  • educates the health and social care community about multiple sclerosis
  • disseminates this knowledge throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

The UKMSSNA is affiliated to the International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN).

We encourage all MS Specialist Nurses and other MS Specialists to join the UKMSSNA to share in the benefits of membership and to strengthen the voice of MS Specialist Nurses in campaigning and supporting MS services across the UK.

UKMSSNA Nurse Competency Document

This competency document aims to guide today’s MS Specialist Nurses (MSSN) in identifying areas where they can focus their training in order to improve their skills and enhance their expertise.